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psychology-driven copy & brand strategy

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By Lisa Cafiero, Feb 26 2016 10:02PM

You know the drill.

There are thousands of speakers with the same core purpose: motivate, educate, and/or inspire.

You already have the passion and commitment to make a difference but, one question not only needs answering but, begs for a solution.

How do you separate yourself from all the other leaders in your field?

Simple: Put an innovative spin on the ordinary. All great speakers know that this is the combination of their personal story, message, and HOW they present it.

In the world of copywriting and branding, this is the secret to making your platform captivating, memorable, and hashtag worthy.

Below are some simple, actionable steps to transform your spin from ordinary to extraordinary.


Let’s zoom in and figure out if your platform is as dynamic and original as you are.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself:

• Is the presentation of your message original? (i.e. if you Googled your catch phrases, are they already inscribed in a coffee table book?)

• Do you have a single sentence that your audience, subscribers, and fans remember you by? (Do you leave people wanting more?)

• Are YOU excited to pitch you? (If you were an Event Planner, would you book you?)

If you said NO to any of these questions, then you are at a really great point to reflect on your speaking platform and make the necessary changes to elevate it.


• Drop all catch phrases, talking points, and social media posts that are circling the internet ad nauseum. You are better than that. Your message is stronger than that.

• Brainstorm on what you REALLY want people to take away when they hear you or read your Twitter feed.

• Go back to the time when you couldn’t wait to get on stage and were eager to speak. What lit the fire under you? Write down those thoughts and pitch that to yourself.


Now that you are clearer on what needs to be improved, here is my personal copywriting technique that you can apply.

Let’s start with a simple catchphrase that can be used in an Elevator Pitch, beginning of a keynote, or as a meme on Instagram.


OLD SPIN: "Celebrate the small steps to success."

This phrase is uber familiar but, is relevant to the message and story of the speaker. Here’s how to up the ante of the copy.

a. Separate the subject (success) and animate it, give it life, and a persona.

b. Figure out what feeling or action you are trying to leave your audience with? (i.e. empowered, driven, etc.)

c. Create a second statement that promotes this.

INNOVATIVE SPIN: "Success deserves its own birthday cake: the first candle should be lit the moment you start.”

* Client, Dorothy Erlanger

This technique works wonders and can be used during creative brainstorming sessions for a myriad of topics and platforms.

REMEMBER: If you take the time to sift through your message and pan for gold, your message will become a gift to your audience and part of a legacy you will be proud of.

By Lisa Cafiero, Sep 16 2015 08:22PM

IT'S HERE! The Exclusive WTFT Sales Recruiter List

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I have searched high and low to find an updated, accurate, and effective list of SALES Executive Recruiters and Headhunters to no avail. So, I had to create my own.

DON’T WASTE another second! Having professional recruiters and headhunters do the leg work for you is the most effective strategy for securing work.

They have the experience and connections to not only get you in the door but, provide you with insider knowledge on what companies are looking for. Remember, recruiters are contracted out by each company so, it’s their job to fill each position. Why can’t the next job opening be yours?

For more info, CLICK HERE:

To your career success,

Lisa ;)

P.S. I’m really excited to hear about your career journey. So, please take a moment to share your stories of how the Exclusive WTFT Sales Recruiter List has helped you.

By Lisa Cafiero, Sep 16 2015 08:17PM

The YOU Factor & Other POWERFUL Branding Strategies from a Psychology-Driver Copywriter

I remember the first time my 1st grade teacher, Miss Page, came into our classroom and told the story of how she was scared to be away from her family and come to school for the first time. I immediately went from being unsure of my surroundings to smiling in nervous agreement with the other 3 footers around me.

Right then was my first taste of the power of connection and the importance of pointing the finger inwards in order to truly effect your message outwards.

The difference between good and extraordinary speakers is that they deliver carefully crafted messages that immediately engage audiences using one simple technique: personalization.

This highly effective and well-known approach incorporates the use of personalized stories in order to make you relatable to the audience and break down walls. If done correctly, your message will shift their paradigms and make a forever imprint on their hearts.

Wait... What About Potential Clients & Bookers That Haven’t Seen You Live?

How do you PROMOTE your brand to them in the same captivating way?


1- The YOU Factor:

• An additional step taken by highly successful speakers that engages audiences before they ever hear them speak.

• The majority of speakers ONLY showcase their personal stories during live events or taped broadcasts.

• In the world of digital advertising and social media platforms, countless potential clients and bookers never get to see you live. Your first impression sometimes is based solely through promotional content.

The YOU Factor is the use of incorporating your unique story and message through the life of the sales copy; hence, always marketing the most powerful version of you. It takes the end result (an engaging keynote) to the beginning of the sales cycle (a powerful and enticing biography).

2- Is Your Biography a Boring, Eyes Glazed Over List of Credits?

• Think about it: most executive biographies are a mind-numbing list of credits and career highlights that end up reading like a resume versus a personalized approach to creating excitement around you.

• With a captivating biography, the end result is always the same: your reader craving more. And…Event managers and conference planners love the connecting point of raw, in-your face, “I can totally relate” stories and one of the most successful methods to getting that story across is with your biography.

How to Write Emotionally-Charged Copy that Sells YOU

Every moment you spend promoting yourself without clear and concise copy that successfully sells you is wasted. Wasted time is not just wasted money, its wasted momentum.

You can't go back to meeting planners with new copy after they have already passed on you.

Even if you're not a sales and marketing guru, here are some ways you can maximize your WOW factor, clearly define your platform, and connect with your audience by applying psychology-driven techniques that sell you on paper.

4- For a Heartfelt & Dynamic Biography (Apply these insider tips) :

Research your target audience to identify their pain points and areas of hesitation

• Select and write a personal story that reflects those findings

•Begin your first paragraph like a conversation with a friend using one or all of the following: emotion, inquisition, and heavy details.

5- For a Powerful Headline that Entices Readers (Ask yourself these questions):

• What separates you from the competition?

• What are the top five solutions you can offer your audience and clients?

• Have you created and implemented any innovative systems, methodologies or models that have been successful?

WTFT HINT: Extraordinary speakers understand the POWER OF CONNECTING with their audience and that this connection needs to stay true during the life of their brand.

Their promotional copy is equally as persuasive as their keynote. This instrumental branding strategy improves competitive differentiation, grabs events planner attention, AND increases booking ratios.

The most successful way to optimize your platform is to capitalize on your strengths… and your story should always be at the top of that list.

As Miss Page always said to us, “When your eyes smile people can’t help but smile back.” As a speaker, remember how simply that phrase can be transferred to your brand. When your story is shared in its full glory (both live and in print), audiences won’t be able to help but lean in and devour more.


For examples of Captivating Biographies, Click HERE:

Feel free to forward your Biography to for a FREE Brand critique. I look forward to assisting you in your career success.

By Lisa Cafiero, Sep 16 2015 08:07PM

Get Ready to Take Your Speaking Career to the NEXT LEVEL! Discover the Secret to GRAB Your Audience & Increase Bookings...

Copy & Branding Secrets from a Psychology-Driven Copywriter


Don’t let your brand be drowned out by your competition, underwhelming content, or information overload.

It’s simple: We read news stories, social media feeds, and magazines based on the headlines. The more captivating the headline, the stronger the urge to click on the link and flip the pages.

Do you want to consistently captivate your readers’ attention?

As a speaker, your program titles are your headlines. If the content is mundane, too dry, or unoriginal, chances are your brand power or platform isn’t hooking audiences or landing gigs.

A powerful program title is a detailed description that is results driven, innovative, and has a strong engagement factor.

Take a moment and review your titles and ask if they are:

Reeling in audiences and readers?

• Making your brand POP?

Eliciting a response from event planners and booking agents?

Consistently standing out from the competition?

• Increasing your HIRING ratio?

If not, it’s time to identify what missing elements need to be addressed.


One of the best copywriting secrets is to hook your reader by writing targeted solutions to their innermost fears, hesitations, and desires.

Imagine yourself and your brand as a magazine or well-known news media outlet. Each one of your program titles should solve a problem that your audience is facing.

For example, if you were a keynote speaker discussing mental acuity, which program title is more engaging?

1. Brain Tricks: How to Think, Act, and Perform with Less Effort, and Better Results.

2. Boost Your Mental Wi-Fi! How to Optimize Critical Thinking, Elevate Performance Levels, and Become a Goal-Making Machine.

If you chose 2, you’re correct!

REMEMBER: Solution-based titles are essential to adding credibility to your level of expertise and providing a tangible value to your services.


Are you ready to take your speaking career to the next level?

It’s one thing to have a strong brand; it’s another thing to have one-of-a-kind secondary platforms that ONLY you can offer.

If you noticed on the second program title above, the phrase “Mental Wi-Fi” is used. This is a great example of a sub-brand. Not only is this a catchy phrase that the speaker can trademark, promote, hashtag, or even write a book about but, it provides an innovative spin on the ordinary.

The use of proprietary brands adds another layer to your brand and program titles. This branding strategy when combined with creative copy will propel your keynote from a one-time speech to a long-term platform that offers the potential for additional revenue streams.

It’s great to have a booked gig but, it’s fantastic to have several gigs in queue because your program titles are causing a stir. Audiences, event planners, and industry professionals are craving original and “in your face” keynotes. Apply some of these techniques to step up your game and join the winner’s circle.

REMEMBER: The passion behind your speeches should match the titles that present them. If you abide by this formula, success will always follow.


It's Your Passion. Your Brand. Define it with Excellence.

To take your Speaking Career to the NEXT LEVEL and for a FREE Brand Critique, please forward your website link and/or promotional copy to

I look forward to assisting you with your career success!

Lisa ;)

By Lisa Cafiero, Sep 16 2015 07:58PM

Get Ready to Take Your Speaking Career to the NEXT LEVEL! Discover the Secret to GRAB Your Audience & Increase Bookings...

Copy & Branding Secrets from a Psychology-Driven Copywriter


Are you ready to take your speaking career to the next level?

The secret is not promoting YOU. People are tired of being “sold.” They want answers to their problems, not just a list of accolades and product pitches. It’s time to flip the tables, to offer the audience the microphone, and to discover their core issues and ultimate needs. From that knowledge, you can then strategically promote your brand as the solution. So, the next time you create content or brand a message, remember that it’s imperative to point outward and not inward.

Take a moment to do some market research and compile trends within your industry:

1- What is your audience craving?

2- What are their pain points?

3- What are their areas of hesitation?

From there, you can identify your audience’s wants and desires and showcase your expertise as a targeted solution to their problems.


Do you want to create excitement around your brand?

All successful writers know the key to engaging a reader is in descriptive copy. When promoting or showcasing your speaker platform, look over your content to make sure you use details to highlight your brand. This will enhance your credibility and offer a competitive advantage.

For example, which sentence is more compelling?

A. Keynote speaker and author with extensive experience and tons of satisfied clients.

B. Nationally recognized speaker and bestselling author with over 10 years’ experience and 100s of highly-satisfied clients.

If you chose B, you’re correct!

Being detailed is not just for use in headlines or your biography. It is for use in every element of your marketing platform from testimonials, social media posts, to your elevator pitch.

Remember: Personalization in copy is promotional gold!


Are you ready to stand out from the thousands of other speakers?

If so, the answer is simple: Have a specific niche and market your material according to that area of expertise. Grab a pen and paper and ask your executive network, colleagues, and close friends what your specialty is. Find out what your top five areas of expertise are, and create powerful copy that entices your demographic based on those findings.

Top Ways to Separate Yourself from the Crowd:

1- Don’t use words in your title like “Motivational” or “Coach.” These are overplayed words and generic titles that do not describe your niche.

2- Incorporate SEO (Search Engine Optimization) words that are industry specific throughout your content. This will increase your online and social media rank, as well as making it easier for event planners, companies, and prospects to find you.

Always leave your audience wanting more.

REMEMBER: You are unique. Your expertise is one of a kind. The most successful way to optimize your brand is to capitalize on your strengths.


It's Your Passion. Your Brand. Define it with Excellence.

To take your Speaking Career to the NEXT LEVEL and for a FREE Brand Critique, please forward your website link and/or promotional copy to

I look forward to assisting you with your career success!

By Lisa Cafiero, Sep 16 2015 07:33PM

What Is The Difference Between a LinkedIn Profile And YOUR Resume?

This is such a great question that many of my clients have asked. Knowing the difference between the two can put you a step ahead of the competition.

SIMILARITIES between Your LinkedIn Profile & Resume:

Both should be SEO rich because 80% of companies are using online filtration systems (based on industry specific words) to siphon out under-qualified candidates

Both should provide metrics and statistics to hi-light your achievements and present you as an attractive investment to a company

Both should list any innovative strategies/tools that you have created or executed in the life of your career

DIFFERENCES between Your LinkedIn Profile & Resume:

Your LinkedIn Profile is one of the most productive tools to showcase your career tenor and maximize your online presence.

From add-in features such as slideshows to videos, your profile is a live marketing tool that has the potential for MASSIVE online exposure based on a single post or recommendation going viral

As the #10 most viewed website in the U.S. & #13 worldwide, it offers a platform to INCREASE your executive network, join industry groups, and apply to job positions

It is NOT a replacement for a targeted resume

Your Resume is a powerful and concise summary of your career tenor that capitalizes on your strengths AND sells you as a strong, qualified candidate.

Should be tailored towards EACH position you are applying to

Include ADDITIONAL metrics and statistics that are not posted online (Many companies prefer to keep their numbers and revenues private. Your resume is the appropriate venue to showcase them)

It does NOT include testimonials or recommendations from colleagues or previous employers

REMEMBER: Using powerful words are your resume's fuel… BUT, the vehicle to drive you (to an interview) is POWERFUL results-driven copy.


Find out why you’re being passed over for the BEST career opportunities. Get a FREE resume critique by an expert.

Email Lisa at

By Lisa Cafiero, Sep 16 2015 06:29PM

What is the PSYCHOLOGY of a Successful Resume?

If you a reading this, you are one of the many pulling out their hair because they are not securing work. Could it be your resume?

It’s time to stop the madness and learn some very important tips to resume success. Discover how your resume can be improved with a few SIMPLE steps and most importantly...

What No One Is Telling You:


• No longer necessary. Get It. You Need a Job. Rather than detail what you are looking for, describe what separates you from the competition. Think in terms of the reader: what are THEY looking for. Not what just what you are looking for.

• Don’t waste precious space on stating the obvious. An executive/professional summary is much more effective.


• No longer necessary. Putting this private information on your resume is antiquated and is a safety risk. In the days of online job submissions, you never know who will come into contact with your personal information.

• It’s best to ONLY list your city, state, and zip so that the recruiter, HR manager, or headhunter knows that you are a local candidate.


A crucial step that most are unaware of. The days of resume simplicity are long gone. You have to keep up with the latest industry trends.

• One of the most under-acknowledged steps is utilizing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Words by including them in your resume.

• On average, 80% of companies are utilizing filtration systems (based on industry specific keywords) to siphon out under-qualified candidates.

WTFT HINT: A great way to find out what words are targeted within your industry is to search job postings/links.


Don’t limit yourself to one page. You only get one chance to introduce yourself to a company. Why limit the ability to sell yourself by crunching your entire career history in one page?

• Executive level resumes require concise and powerful descriptions and having up to three pages is perfectly acceptable.

• Entry-level resumes can be one page only if you truly have limited work experience.

• However, I have found that even those still in college have many years of employment experience, volunteer work and internships that can be successfully detailed across two pages.


• This is not always the smartest approach. In my experience, the majority of people tend to be quite humble when selling themselves on paper. Though this is an endearing quality, it may be detrimental when submitting yourself for positions.

There is a fine line between being confident and being cocky. Try asking a close friend or colleague for their feedback on your resume to make sure you are presenting yourself in the confident light.

• Remember, everything from your achievements to recognition needs to be listed on your resume. Without it, you are just listing descriptions of job duties and not highlighting where you have excelled during the course of your career.

WTFT HINT: Think of instances where you have exceeded expectations in your positions. These are defining moments that should be included and are imperative to resume success.


• The most important section of the resume. It is the enticement factor for the reader. Be original and think before you submit!

• Most resumes include generic phrases like “highly motivated, self-starter, works well with others.” However, these are items that everyone from a McDonald’s employee to the CEO at Google should already have in their toolkit.

• Plus, using ‘vanilla descriptions’ in your resume only makes it look as if you copied it from a template.

WTFT HINT: Use powerful and RESULTS-DRIVEN phrases that will make you stand out from your competition. Think of instances where you have surpassed all expectations, come up with innovative practices that are now implemented company-wide, and other instances where others have noticed your talents. These are key selling points and effectively entice the reader to read your resume in its entirety.


Feel free to forward your resume to for a free resume critique. I look forward to assisting you in your career success.

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