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Write The First Time.

psychology-driven copy & brand strategy

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© 2017. Write the First Time is registered to Lisa Cafiero. All Rights Reserved.

Sales Copy:


-  One of my sales letters generated $23,000 during a soft launch

-  One of my sales letters generated over $110,000 in less than a year

-  Achieved a 84% conversion rate on a client's email marketing campaign

-  My website content revamp increased a client's membership sales by 25%

-  One of my resumes landed a client a job at a award-winning New York  

    advertising and marketing agency on the 1st interview

-  My product launch strategy and sales pages generated $40,000 in 3 weeks

Speaker Brand Strategy & Copy:


Client Results with new One Sheets, Executive Consulting Packages, and/or Web Content: 


-  One client landed a $15,000 international speaking gig

-  A 6-Figure client landed over $100,000 of contracts, international business workshops,  

    speaking gigs, 6 new executive clients, & 2 Joint Ventures 

-  One client increased yearly revenues by 60% on a very low-selling product

-  One client is successfully selling their $2,500 service for $10,000

-  A 6-Figure Client increased profits by 25%

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