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Write The First Time.

psychology-driven copy & brand strategy

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"One of the most important guides that propel my professional as well as my personal life is to surround myself with people smarter and more talented than myself. My first conversation with Lisa Cafiero convinced me that I was in the presence of excellence and energy.

Lisa's blend of psychology, humor and a business sense coupled with passion and creativity are primary reasons she is so successful. Lisa is not only an experienced copywriter but a brilliant branding strategist. She listens! Every connection with Lisa has been one of the most exciting and creative times I've ever experienced in a collaborative effort." 


- Joan Frances Moran, Keynote Speaker/Author

"WOW!!! Lisa is simply brilliant and far exceeded my expectations. She listened to my needs, methodically dissected the challenges I faced, and came up with powerful copy and branding solutions to target my message effectively.

What impressed me the most was her ability to see new business opportunities I had not thought of and then proceed in crafting a compelling message to engage corporations, consumers, and press. I've already referred her to other professionals and feel honored to have worked with her."


- Dr. Emile Allen, Keynote Speaker & Author "Eaten by the Tiger"


"Lisa is a must for any speaker looking to brand themselves successfully! I didn’t realize the total value of my message before I consulted with her. I needed someone to trim the fat and fine tune my promotional materials. She analyzed my niche, what the market and companies are looking for, and redefined my brand. She extracted things from me that I had no idea would be so useful. I now have a clear perspective of what “sells me” and a new found confidence to attract high value speaking engagements.

Lisa drills down to find the gold and puts it together using strategic words that persuade. I highly recommend her for your word-smithing needs!"


- Trish Jenkins, International Keynote Speaker/Author

"One of the most creative brainstorming sessions I've had in years! I wasn't quite sure what "psychology-driven" copywriter meant, but I was soon enlightened when we had our first briefing and I saw the first copy. I noticed her sharpness of mind on our very first call and am very satisfied with the results. The combination of Lisa’ sharp writing, commercial vision, and her sense of what makes a marketable, compelling brand made me hire her for the second time to completely overhaul my website and product brands.


She does not just provide copywriting but, incorporates business savvy, branding strategy, and marketing wisdom that I wasn’t expecting. Several customers and peers have already commented on my dynamic new look and tone, and I will be happy to refer them to such a stellar copywriter and brand strategist."


"Lisa's copywriting & branding has helped me land $100K+ of contracts

in international business workshops, speaking gigs, 6 new executive clients, & 2 JVs.”


- David Clive Price, International Keynote Speaker & Author "Master Key to Asia"


© 2017.  Write the First Time is registered to Lisa Cafiero. All Rights Reserved.

"As someone who coaches speakers and comics - guess who helps me? Lisa Cafiero. Lisa has an unusual talent of being both funny AND able to write serious content. In this world of slackers, Lisa is very unique as she actually delivers what she promises -- exactly to the minute of when she promised.


I loved our brain storming process where she wrote what I wanted to say -- but better. Within 24 hours of sending my corporate client my new Lisa-updated-one sheet, the client wrote back - "Very impressive!" And, BTW, Lisa is a hell of a lot funnier than this testimonial. I should have her rewrite it."

"Lisa’s powerful writing and branding strategy helped me land a $15,000 international speaking gig AND my income increased 25% after using her sales copy on my website.”

- Judy Carter, Motivational Humorist/Author of "The Message of You" & "The Comedy Bible"

"Excellent work and above what I expected! I don’t hire copywriters because I am one. Lisa Cafiero is the exception. She provided a fresh and “out of the box” perspective on my speaking platform and successfully rebranded my message based on extensive industry trend research and competitive analysis. The final copy clearly demonstrated that she is a highly skilled writer that I am proud to recommend."


- Ford Saeks, Keynote Speaker & Author "Superpower: Think It, Do it, Profit!"

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"Hiring Lisa to help brand and sell me as a corporate speaker was one of the best things I ever did. Here’s why:


• She’s brilliant at helping you figure out and organize exactly what you have to offer as a speaker.


She’s a monster with words and helps you communicate your speakerly genius in a way that resonates with your target market AND captures your personality (not easily done when you’re a foul-mouthed creature shooting for corporate gigs).


• She breaks things down into easy, bite-sized chunks so you see immediate results. Truly. We totally hit the ground running.


I can’t tell you how much time and energy she saved me. She is awesome. I can’t recommend hiring her big fat brain enough."


- Jen Sincero: Bestselling author, "You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life," Motivational Humorist, & Peak Performance Expert

"Lisa was the magic wand I was desperate for. My website and marketing materials looked okay but didn’t really say who I was and what I offer that is special and needed. Lisa spent the time necessary to dig this out of me. She pushed, questioned, tested, judged, conceded, praised, and teased me until she had the perfect words to describe me and my work. Whenever I tell my colleagues about her, I share by byline and a few keynote titles and they always say, “Wow, that’s you!” Her rigor is exemplary. Her work is as deep as it is creative.

I now have the words to sell who I am!"


- Dr. Marcia Reynolds, Behavioral Scientist & Transformational Leadership Coach

dr marcia reed

"Lisa's work garners results because she gets into the hearts and minds of your audience.

A recent landing page she guided us on had an 84% conversion rate! We hired Lisa as a brand strategist and copywriter to re-brand and elevate our content. She provided us invaluable insights into the psychology of our audience, competitive analysis, and a strategic plan to take our existing platform to the next level. The numbers speak for themselves! I highly recommend her."


- Dave Reed: Owner, eSpeakers


"Lisa's intensive creative sessions have elevated my brand to a whole new level. I now have a powerful One Sheet that clearly defines my expertise with new innovative keynote titles.  The value she added to my brand is incredible. I truly enjoyed working with Lisa and highly recommend her to any speaker looking to book more work and separate themselves from the competition."    


- Bonnie Artman Fox,  Founder 'A Conscious Choice,' HIgh Performing Culture Expert


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