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Write The First Time.

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YES?!! Congrats! You made an important step towards advancing your career:


It’s time to …


•  STOP the never-ending madness of submitting to job sites

•  Break the cycle of feeling like JUST a number

•  Be more productive with your career search

•  Have a TEAM OF EXPERTS sell you so that you can land your dream job


I have searched high and low to find an updated, accurate, and effective list of

SALES Executive Recruiters and Headhunters to no avail. So, I had to create my own.


















DON’T WASTE another second! Having professional recruiters and headhunters do the leg work for you is the most effective strategy for securing work.


They have the experience and connections to not only get you in the door but, provide you with insider knowledge on what companies are looking for. Remember, recruiters are contracted out by each company so, it’s their job to fill each position. Why can’t the next job opening be yours?


By clicking here... BUY NOW, you are purchasing a powerful resource that will be a valuable addition to your career.


As always, feel free to contact me with any questions.



To your career success,





Lisa ;)



P.S. I’m really excited to hear about your career journey. So, please take a moment to share your stories of how the Exclusive WTFT Sales Recruiter List has helped you.






** Please note: No refunds are offered. This list only applies to U.S. markets (Top 20 cities) and is updated bi-annually. There has been a lot of work and effort in order to make sure that each contact is up to date. The agencies and company websites should remain constant but, please bare in mind that personal emails and company extensions are expected to vary from time to time. If you find that any of the contacts/names are not accurate, I would appreciate if you would notify me as this will help others in their career advancement.


Sales Recruiter List

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Are you ready to finally        

TAKE CONTROL of your career search? 

Dear Sales Executives:

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Enclosed is the EXCLUSIVE WTFT SALES RECRUITER LIST. In this package you will find:


1.  450+ National Sales/Sales Management Recruiters contact information including    

    name, email, phone number, agency website, region, and specialty


2.  A FREE Resume Critique to go over your key selling points and career goals

    (expires 30 days after purchase)


3.  A $20 off coupon off any Resume Package (expires 30 days after purchase)


4. A $10 off coupon for the bi-annual update of this list

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